Abm Qpcr Retrovirus

QPCR Retrovirus Titration Kit

The way in which it really works

The qRT-PCR course of entails subjecting serial dilutions of your sample and a administration RNA of acknowledged copy amount (supplied) to one-step qRT-PCR. The retroviral copy amount contained in your sample can then be determined by evaluating its Ct price to the standard curve.

RNA purification and DNase I remedy steps are essential to the protocol so even viruses packaged using transient transfections, which always embody residual plasmid DNA, will likely be exactly quantified using this tools.


abm’s qPCR Retrovirus Titer Gear is a one-step assay by qPCR which does not require further lysis or reverse transcription (RT) steps, and will likely be achieved under one hour. Designed to ship extreme sensitivity and specificity, the tools ensures minimal non-specific background and better whole effectivity as compared with comparable kits within the market. ROX reference dye is obtainable separate from the MasterMix, making this tools universally appropriate with most qPCR units.

BlasTaq 2X qPCR Titer MasterMix 1.25 ml
Primer Mix 100 rxn (200 µl)
Commonplace Administration DNA 50 µl
ROX Reference Dye 15 µl
Nuclease-Free H2O 2 x 1.zero ml
SKU G949
Unit quantity 100 rxn
Storage Scenario Retailer at -20°C
qPCR and One-Step RT MasterMixes
qPCR and One-Step RT MasterMixes

Virus Titration Kits

Our Titration Kits current a fast and simple approach for titrating your virus. The kits make use of each a quick RNA or DNA extraction step, and resolve viral RNA/DNA titer using qRT-PCR.

Advantages of abm’s titration kits:

  • No RNA purification — saves time and eliminates inaccuracy.
  • Ready-to-use reagent mix — reduces variability.
  • qRT-PCR in a single step — further delicate and proper than completely different methods.
  • No NTC amplification — Distinctive primer design completely eliminates non-specific amplification in NTCs.

We moreover provide On the spot Lentivirus Titration Enjoying playing cards, which allow quick detection of lentiviral capsule proteins as a marker to substantiate the presence of lentivirus. Utilizing the lateral flow into immunoassay approach, viral titer yields are assessed instantly inside 10 minutes using our three step protocol.

he Retro-X qRT-PCR Titration Gear offers a fast and simple approach for measuring retrovirus titer. The kits use a quick RNA purification step sooner than quantifying the number of retroviral genome copies using qRT-PCR and TB Inexperienced utilized sciences.

Quick willpower of retroviral titer

Whereas standard titration methods require as a lot as 10 days to complete, these titration kits require solely 4 hours and work with all MMLV-based retroviral vectors (not MSCV). Using qRT-PCR dramatically shortens the time interval between viral harvest and target-cell an an infection, allowing you to hold out every on the similar day.

Receive fixed retroviral transductions

A severe advantage of retroviral gene-delivery strategies is the ability to control the extent of gene expression by adjusting the multiplicity of an an infection (MOI) to dictate the number of viral genomes that enter your aim cells. These titration kits allow you to make a quick correlation between the retroviral copy amount and retroviral infectivity in your cell kind and ultimately allow you to administration the expression stage between experiments.

Retrovirus Packaging Kit

P905 - Ask for price

Retro-SV40 Retrovirus

G212 10 ml
EUR 1094.4

Retrovirus 10x Titer-Up Kit Test Sample (0.1 mL)

P909S - Ask for price

Retro-SV40LT Retrovirus

RVP010 1.0 ml
EUR 296.4

Retrovirus Mini Purification Kit

K1307-10 each
EUR 652.8

Retrovirus Mini Purification Kit

K1307-20 each
EUR 1096.8

Retrovirus Maxi Purification Kit

K1308-10 each
EUR 1554

Retrovirus Maxi Purification Kit

K1308-2 each
EUR 639.6

Retrovirus Maxi Purification Kit

K1308-4 each
EUR 1032

Retrovirus Booster 50µl

ABP-RVC-RBST05 50µl Ask for price

Retrovirus Booster 200µl

ABP-RVC-RBST20 200µl Ask for price

Retrovirus Booster 400µl

ABP-RVC-RBST40 400µl Ask for price

Retrovirus Stabilizer 50µl

ABP-RVC-RSTB05 50µl Ask for price

Retrovirus Stabilizer 200µl

ABP-RVC-RSTB20 200µl Ask for price

Retrovirus Stabilizer 400µl

ABP-RVC-RSTB40 400µl Ask for price

iPS Cell Line (Retrovirus)

ASE-9101 1 vial of ^2.5X10^5 cells
EUR 516.84
Description: 6 month

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