Cleanascite Lipid Removal Reagent

Cleanascite Lipid Removal Reagent

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Electrode Clean Sol Pepsin/HCl for Removal of Proteins

EUR 190.62

ReadiUseâ„¢ TCEP removal solution

5540-1ml 1 ml
EUR 222
Description: TCEP is a common reducing reagent widely used to break disulfide bonds within and between proteins.

Dye removal bag

DD4905007 EACH
EUR 236.4

MagSi-DT Removal*

MDKT00040008 8 mL
EUR 181.2

MagSi-DT Removal*

MDKT00040050 50 mL
EUR 1092

MagSi-DT Removal*

MDKT00040500 500 mL
EUR 6426

ReadiUse™ TCEP removal solution

5540 1 ml
EUR 222

Vial Removal Platform

EUR 290
Description: Vial Removal Platform

Saccharide Removal Kit

DSRK-500 500
EUR 229
Description: Removal of interfering saccharides (e.g. glucose, sucrose) from samples such as culture media. Key Features: Convenient and high-throughput. The procedure involves addition of three reagents sequentially, incubation for 15 min, centrifugation for 5 min, and transfer of the supernatant. Samples: Culture media. Species: All. Procedure: Assay takes 20 min. Kit size: 500 treatments.

Nucleic Acid Removal Kit

NAR911 22 ml
EUR 105.7
Description: This product includes 22 ml of NAR reagent 1 and 22 ml of Reagent 2. It is sufficient for treatment of 200 ml of cell lysate or protein solution.

Evo? cDNA Kit (gDNA Removal)

M1166-100 each
EUR 457.2

AccuRT Genomic DNA Removal Kit

G488 200 Reactions
EUR 98.4

G50 Dye Terminator Removal Kit

FYG603-50P 50 Preps Ask for price

ToxOut? Rapid Removal Wash Buffer

M7947-50 each
EUR 222

Micro Phosphate Removal Column Set

MPR020 20 columns
EUR 159.49
Description: This product includes 20 pre-packed spin-columns.

ToxOut? Rapid Endotoxin Removal Kit

K2501-5 each
EUR 314.4

Elga Ion/Organic Removal Twin PK

EUR 442.6


EUR 43.2

Evo? RT Mastermix (with gDNA Removal)

M1171-100 each
EUR 529.2

ToxOut? Endotoxin Rapid Removal Agarose

7941-5 each
EUR 222

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 1L

BOT64502 PK10
EUR 147.6

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 2L

BOT64520 PK6
EUR 224.4

Kinesis Frit Cap Removal Tool 1.0 4.6mm

EUR 103.2

Protein and DNA Removal Spin-columns

PNR020 20 columns
EUR 168.93
Description: This product includes 20 pre-packed spin-columns. Each column is to load 0.2 ml of sample.

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 100ml

BOT64440 PK10
EUR 62.4

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 250ml

BOT64460 PK10
EUR 81.6

Condensate removal for Rodwell autoclaves

EUR 1357.2

Corning 3D Clear Tissue Clearing Reagent - 100mL

5733 EACH
EUR 1309.2

gRazor, Genomic DNA Removal Enzyme Mix(5X)

R5800-100 100ul
EUR 360

gRazor, Genomic DNA Removal Enzyme Mix(5X)

R5800-500 500ul
EUR 1372.8

ToxOut High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Kit

K2502-5 5 kit
EUR 318.24
Description: Endotoxin is the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) complex located in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. A single E.coli bacterium contains ~2 million LPS molecules. During experimental procedures, large amount of endotoxins are shed and can easily contaminate labware, buffers and downstream products. In vitro, endotoxin causes a variety of problems in cell-based research. In vivo, endotoxin may cause various side effects, including inflammatory response, organ failure or septic shock in host organisms. Therefore, it is critical to remove endotoxin from samples and products. Gentaur?s ToxOutTM High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Kit can effectively decrease high concentration to levels lower than < 0.05 EU/ml without using toxic buffers while maintaining the protein recovery rate at >97%. Gentaur?s ToxOutTM High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Agarose in this kit is using poly-?-lysine as affinity ligand. It is a safe, nontoxic food preservative known for capturing and removing endotoxin from samples.

ToxOut? Endotoxin Removal Equilibration Buffer

7940-50 each
EUR 222

EP Reagent Biuret Reagent

1011601 1L
EUR 52.8

NuGel-HemogloBind™ (Hemoglobin Removal) Kit

NP-HO-T25 25 preps
EUR 771.6
Description: Hemoglobin Removal Kit

NuGel-HemogloBind™ (Hemoglobin Removal) Kit

NP-HO-T50 50 preps
EUR 1411.2
Description: Hemoglobin Removal Kit

EP Reagent Iodoplatinate Reagent

1046300 200ML
EUR 446.4

EP Reagent Molybdovanadic Reagent

1056700 100ML
EUR 52.8

Corning 3D Clear Tissue Clearing Reagent - 10mL

5731 EACH
EUR 196.8

Corning 3D Clear Tissue Clearing Reagent - 30mL

5732 EACH
EUR 481.2

T-Pro Endotoxin Removal Plasmid Midi kit (25)

RB94-EPI020 20preps/Kit
EUR 297.6

T-Pro Endotoxin Removal Plasmid Maxi kit (10)

RB94-EPM010 10preps/Kit
EUR 318

EP Reagent Methoxyphenylacetic Reagent

1053601 100ML
EUR 435.6

ToxOut? Rapid Endotoxin Removal Regeneration Buffer

7939-50 each
EUR 222

Cleanascite Lipid Removal Reagent