Cleanascite™ 10 ml

Cleanascite™ 10 ml

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Bolle COVERALL CLEAN Cleanroom Safety Goggles

EUR 23.28

ep LoRetention PCR clean 0.1-10ul 10 x 96 reloads

E0030072006 PK960
EUR 88.92

ep LoRetention PCR clean 0.5-20ul 10 x 96 reloads

E0030072014 PK960
EUR 85.5

Eppendorf Tubes 5.0ml PCR clean 200 pcs. 2 bags of 100 tubes each

E0030119460 EACH
EUR 51

PCR Clean-up Kit,

PC05 5 preps Ask for price

PCR Clean-up Kit,

PC100 100 preps
EUR 156

PCR Clean-up Kit,

PC200 200 preps
EUR 226.8

PCR Clean-up Kit,

PC50 50 preps
EUR 112.8

T-Pro Aqua EZ Clean (M)

JT90-R001M 500ml/BT
EUR 398.4

T-Pro Aqua EZ Clean (S)

JT90-R001S 100ml/BT
EUR 181.2

CleanGuard 1 IPA 5L

CLE2624 PK2
EUR 276.79

CleanGuard 2 IMS 5L

CLE2626 PK2
EUR 156

DNA Cleanup Maxi Kit

K1369-10 each Ask for price

DNA Cleanup Maxi Kit

K1369-25 each Ask for price

VAHTS DNA Clean Beads

N411-01 5 ml
EUR 259.2

VAHTS DNA Clean Beads

N411-02 60 ml
EUR 634.8

VAHTS DNA Clean Beads

N411-03 450 ml
EUR 3055.2

VAHTS RNA Clean Beads

N412-01 5 ml
EUR 286.8

VAHTS RNA Clean Beads

N412-02 40 ml
EUR 495.6

VAHTS RNA Clean Beads

N412-03 450 ml
EUR 4860

BMP71 cleaning kit

EUR 24.84

2D Cleanup Kit 50 samples

80648451 EACH
EUR 453.6

Eppendorf Protein LoBind Tubes 5.0ml PCR clean 100 pcs. 2 bags of 50 tubes each

E0030108302 EACH
EUR 50.4

cleaning solution 500 ml

B530 ea
EUR 36

AxyPrep Mag PCR clean up -50mL

EUR 1719.6

Tubes 5mL screw cap PCR clean

E0030122313 PK200
EUR 69.6

Cleaning Coupon. 50 x 50mm. PP

EUR 26.4

Cleaning Coupon. 100 x 100mm. PP

EUR 34.8

Advanced UV Air Cleaner

EUR 902.4

PCR Clean-Up Mini Kit (50prep)

FAPCK-001 50 preps
EUR 144

Cleanascite™ 10 ml